Tuesday, 22 September 2015

CHANGE is Inevitable !

Change is inevitable and so also suggests the following quote  – “The only thing constant in life is change”. Everything around us is dynamic these days and change consistently be it how we live, how we connect, how we work (and even where we work and what type of work we do). But herein lies the paradox also which is that inspite of knowing that change is bound to happen, we hesitate to accept it and embrace it.

The 2 kinds of people that never embrace Change  are – 1. "I Won't" types who never feel they have a problem and so don't change and 2. "I Can't" types who don't believe that Change is possible.

Some of the key reasons we resist embracing change are
  • ·         The fear of the unknown – at times we do not know what change will entail and we fear being pushed out of our comfort zone.
  • ·         Unfamiliar with the pace of change – at times  we may be caught unaware by Change as it may happen instantly and at other times it may happen very slowly leaving us unprepared to deal with the change
  • ·        Avoid going first – Though at times we may want to change but just do not want to be the first one to embrace it and therefore avoid it.
  • ·         Overconfidence – Since we have been successful many times in the past, this gives us a false sense of hope (overconfidence) that we do not need to change as we would keep succeeding.  
  • ·         Rejecting the need to change – At times when we lack ambition or goals in life we do not seek anything new, different or additional and avoid embracing change.

We do not have much control over people, situations, circumstances and things that are underdoing change, so the only way to deal with change is to change “ourself”. So “Self-Change” is the mantra !

 Let’s look at  3 essential elements that can help us embrace change effectively in our lives. They are
  • Thinking – creative, constructive and solution focused thoughts
  • Attitude - progressive, affirmative and positive attitude 
  • Behaviour – taking timely action and necessary small steps whenever and wherever required

We should always remember that “Change is Growth” and  embracing Change is the only way forward in life !   

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