Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Self Esteem - Creating Value for Yourself !

Feeling good about life begins with feeling good about ourselves first. What others think of us doesn’t matter as much as what we think of ourselves. Our opinion, perception and feeling about ourselves is known as Self-Esteem and it goes a long way in determining our success and failure in life. A person with high self-esteem would always be happy, successful and productive in compared with a person having low self-esteem who would always be doubtful, pessimistic, demotivated and lethargic. So, its very important to perceive ourselves as worthwhile and valuable as self-esteem greatly impacts our productivity, performance, relationships and achievements in personal and professional life.

Positive and high self esteem results in improved self- confidence, self-worth and self-respect whereas low self-esteem results in negative emotions/ feelings like criticism, jealousy, comparison with others and egoism.  

There are many advantages of possessing high self-esteem – A  person with high self-esteem is always positive, pessimistic, motivated, balanced and carries an attitude to see opportunity to do the best in every challenge and obstacle in life.

Some of the ways to enhance self-esteem are

·        Consider and think about yourself as “valuable”
·        Do not base your self-esteem on external factors
·        Do not equate self-esteem with results or accomplishments
·        Do not compare yourself with others
·       Accept failures and setbacks as part of life and not a reflection or determinant of your self-esteem
·       Value others also as much as you value yourself or vice versa
·       Engage in positive self-talk
·       Enjoy and cherish each of your successes, victories or accomplishments whether big or small
·      Encourage yourself to make a positive contribution to the society in whatever best way you can

 So, develop your self-worth from within and success and accomplishments would follow soon !

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