Saturday, 15 August 2015

Discover Your Goals !

Life is like a rudderless boat in the absence of proper goals in our life. Growth and Achievement is the backbone of our success in life and this is made possible by the presence of well established goals.  Goals not only give a meaning to our life but also provides it direction and purpose.  A life without goals leads nowhere and we end up achieving nothing in life. Achievement of goals is the essence of a successful life and the very first step towards that is the identification of appropriate goals – those goals that depict our passion, align with our life’s purpose and bring balance to our lives.

There are many different ways to discover our goals in life and one of the easiest way is to answer the below mentioned 3 questions in the quote by the famous Leadership Guru  John C. Maxwell. He says
“ We must answer 3 questions in life
  • What do we want ?
  • Why do we want it ?
  • How badly we want it ?

What do we want ?  - Answering this question leads us to the discovery of our “passion” in life, the thing we yearn to do and achieve. This further leads to the identification and establishment of appropriate goals for our life.

Why do we want it ? – Answering this triggers personal insight which helps twofold –

 1. Bring more clarity and provide proper direction and
 2. Reiterates the realistic need to establish goals.

How badly we want it ? - Answering this helps in
  •  ·  Prioritizing goals in our life by revisiting different spheres of – work, home, relationship, finance, health, etc. ).
  • ·         Besides helping us identify goals that requires our most attention, answering this question also helps us build focus to bring in the desired balance in life. 
  • ·         Putting timelines to our goals and making them achievable  


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