Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Power of Positivity

Life is a journey of growth and discovery and presents us with myriad challenges. There are 2 options with us to confront theses challenges – either we can be forthcoming and open to them and see them as opportunities  to get on to the upward spiral in life or we can close ourselves, live in doubt and fear and be on the downward spiral. Positivity is that optimistic outlook and disposition that we carry towards life and it is much more than just the mere absence of negativity. It extends much beyond the mere sense of happiness and comprises of a range of positive emotions like joy, gratitude, appreciation, inspiration, hope and love.  

The yin-yang nature ensures the Positivity and Negativity co-exist in our lives. Negativity can never be eliminated completely in our lives as negative emotions like anger, sadness, etc. are an integral part of our lives.  The best we can do is to decrease negativity to the best extent possible.
On the other hand, Positivity is transient in nature and should not be held too firmly. We should give ourselves daily doses of positivity.

We can build more positivity in our lives either by 1. Decreasing negativity or by 2. Increasing the quantity of positivity. The following are some of the ways to build positivity

1.   Disputing Irrational Negative Thinking by comparing them with against facts and reality

2.  Control ruminating or brooding over negative thoughts and feelings by building in healthy distractions (hobby, passion, etc.)

3.   Becoming More Mindful by accepting the presence of negative thoughts and letting them pass without overreacting and being non-judgemental

4.   Reframing negative situations by looking at them as learning experiences

5.   Look for positive meaning as nothing is 100% bad or negative

6.   Practice Kindness and Gratitude in life

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