Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Discover Your Purpose in Life !

All of us wish to have a satisfying and fulfilling life but still many of us struggle to achieve it inspite of  our best efforts and immense talent. One of the key reason for not being able to achieve success and happiness is due to lack of “purpose” in life. Our actions in life do not mean much if they are not in the right direction and this direction is what purpose is all about. The importance of Purpose could be gauged from the fact that we may be moving in life but still getting nowhere if “Purpose” is missing.  As in case of a travel (bus, train, plane, etc.) you need to be clear about the “destination” where you want to reach and then take the transport going in the right direction so is the case with purpose in life.

We need Purpose in life so that our energy, effort  and talent could be put to good use towards achieving something constructive and towards contributing productively in life. Purpose gives direction to our potential and a goal makes sense only when there is a purpose attached with it.

Determining our Purpose in life could be done in the following few ways

  • ·     It is worthwhile to ask yourself the following question – “Why am I living ?”. The answer to this would be your “purpose” in life.
  • ·    Identifying your “passion” in life is another way to find out about your purpose”. Getting to know about your passion brings forth the things you enjoy doing/ love and feel satisfied with.
  • ·       Asking yourself as to how you would like to be remembered once you are gone from this earth would help you identify your purpose. What would you want people to say/ talk about you is an indication of your purpose in life.

So, always remember - “You may merely exist and not live in the absence of Purpose in your life.”

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