Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Demystifying Personality !

What is Personality ?

Personality is defined as a pattern of thoughts, feelings and behavior that a person exhibits. What we think, what we do, how we behave are all components of our personality and their quality determines our success in life.

Why is Personality so important ?
All of want to be successful in life and a “good personality” is the key differentiator between a successful and an unsuccessful person. Accomplishing  our dreams and goals is possible only because of our personality as it enables us to view every problem as an opportunity to learn and succeed.  A “good personality” prepares us to meet challenges of life bravely and come out with flying colours. Whether we call it “soft skills” or “life skills”, its nothing but our personality     

What are the components of a “good personality” ?
A “good personality” is holistic in nature and encompasses the following three dimensions
·         Physical –covers aspects such as our Actions and Behaviour 
·         Mental – covers aspects such as our thoughts
·         Emotional – covers aspects  such as our feelings and reactions

How to develop a “good personality” ?

Since the 3 dimensions – Physical, Mental and Emotional are interrelated, therefore its essential that we maintain the right balance among these three dimensions to be able to develop a “good personality”. This balance could be achieved by understanding the connection among the three, becoming more aware about the about their impact on us and taking integrated approach to developing our personality. An example to state is that a person suffering from stage fright during can only get rid of it by simultaneously working on improving the thought, feelings and action (though changing one would automatically lead to the change in the other two).

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