Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Achieve Emotional Wellness !

Emotions are an integral part of our personality and crucial for our mental health. Most of the issues and disturbances in our lives is because of our inability to deal with our emotions effectively. Emotions are delicate and complicated and the only way to remain emotionally healthy is to learn to recognize the emotions, understand their impact on us and be able to manage them productively. Mentioned below are some tips for achieving emotional wellness :

·  To manage emotions well, recognise when they (emotions)occur and try to identify the triggers for them.

·   Dealing with Negative Emotions - One negative emotion sets in motion a multitude of similar ones and gives rise to a whole bunch of negative emotions that then to take control of our mind and body. This badly impacts the various spheres of our lives including family, friends, relationships, health, etc. To save us from the emotional disturbance that leave us mentally and physically crippled (inactive), we need to rein-in the horses of negative emotions by not feeding  them with more or allowing them to grow in magnitude so that they do not set in a chain reaction which will be harmful for us.  The mantra for diminishing Negative Emotions is “Make it as small as possible”. 

·      Dealing with Positive Emotions grow slow when we get affected by negative emotions so  once positive emotions set in, we should reinforce them regularly with more supplementary and complementary positive elements. To avoid negative emotions take control over us, the positive emotions need to be sustained with daily doses of positivity (thoughts and actions) whether big or small.  The best way to break the  shackles of negative emotions is through a  lockpin of strong positive mind-body combination. The mantra for Positive Emotions is “Make it as big as possible” because accentuating the positive help build strong defense mechanism against negative emotions.

·  Try connecting or communicating with other at an emotional level for better results.

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